Confidentiality: Portable, secure by default cryptography

Confidentiality is a portable framework for doing message authentication, message encryption, stream encryption and key exchange for various programming languages.

Supported (and planned) languages include: C, Go, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python and Ruby.

Used ciphers: HMAC-SHA-256 for message authentication, AES-GCM for message encryption, AES-GCM+AES-CTR for stream encryption and X25519+PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA-256 for key exchange.

BrandMeister: digital mobile radio (DMR)

The BrandMeister network was established by several worldwide HAM radio operators and software engineers who joined together to create a digital repeater network consisting of master servers and peer repeaters all over the world, sharing a lot of similarities with other decentralised communication technologies such as LTE.

The network has over 1300 repeaters and more than 3000 hotspots across the globe and it’s growing every day. the text mode art preservation network